DaDa Online English Teacher 23USD/hour Official recruitment

Less than 10 hours, 10-20 hours, 20-30 hours
Preschool Education, Secondary Education
Recruitment ending 2020-12-02
Salary up to $23 per hour
Flexibility in creating your schedule
Step Bonus: up to 7 USD
Bonus for higher performance teachers
$7 for each trial student sign-up
Stability factor: Up to 3% of "base pay and step bonus"

"Grow With Your Students Turn Time Into Money = DaDa (the leading online English education platform based in China)”

Working hours:
4 to 20 hours per week

Available slots:
Mon to Sun 18:00 to 21:00 Beijing time
Saturday to Sunday 9:00 to 21:00 Beijing time

Why Choose DaDa:
DaDa is a Chinese online education platform that offers American and British elementary education experiences to Chinese students aged 4–16. The company hires English Language instructors to give 30-minute, 1 by 1 online, fully immersive lessons delivered via the company's learning platform and based on U.S. Common Core State Standards. The process adheres to a flipped classroom model, entailing a pre-class video that introduces key learning points, interactive 1 to 1 instruction that reinforces learning objectives, and follow-up, post class homework.

The benefits for joining us:

Fixed Student
DaDa is 1 to 1 student class room model. After training and matching, teacher and student are fixed.

Inspiring Career
Teaching is important and so is growth! We provide free training courses to help our teachers be better equipped and achieve more.

Flexible Schedule
Set your own schedule, and location is not a problem. You can be a super star teacher and work from home.
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